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Here at Sante MD our IV therapies support a variety of conditions.  Our team of medical professionals offer a wealth of knowledge around nutrition and what happens when you have nutritional deficiencies and how it can affect your body overall.  Studies have shown that malnutrition can worsen illnesses, contribute to premature aging, cancer through DNA damage and neuronal decay in the central nervous system.

Lack of education in nutrition is relatively silent and often overlooked. Many may assume malnutrition is limited to third world countries, however this is not the case.  It is merely a lack of education for patients when discussing your overall health.  Let Sante MD educate you on the IV therapies that can help you feel better every day


– Improve Blood Flow

– Decrease Anti-inflammatory Activity

– Antioxidant Effects

– Improve Symptoms of hyperthyroidism, Asthma and Cardiovascular Disease.

– Lowers Blood Sugar

– Immune System Boost

– Detoxifying

– And Many More…

Conditions that may improve with (IVMT):

– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

– Fibromyalgia Syndrome

– Chronic Depression

– Acute or Chronic Muscle Spasms

– Migraine Headaches

– Tension Headaches

– Narcotic Withdrawal

– Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

– Acute or Chronic Asthma

– Sinusitis

– Respiratory Problems

– Acute Infections

– Patients experiencing the effects of mold toxicity

– Patients suffering side effects of Chemotherapy (as adjunctive therapy)

– Athletes (performance improvement and quick recovery)

– Hormone Balance

IV Vitamin Therapy Program

Boost: Vitamins and Antioxidants $40 Add-On

Wellness Packages $100 Add-On


– All Redemption Vitamins and Medications included
– 50% off all Boosts and Packages
– Bring 2 Friends and receive a Free Treatment
– Oxygen is always Free

Eifel Tower (12Month Membership)

(1) Treatment: $50/Monthly
(2) Treatment: $90/Monthly
(3) Treatment: $120/Monthly

Tour de France (6 Month Membership)

(1) Treatment: $60/Monthly
(2) Treatment: $110/Monthly
(3) Treatment: $150/Monthly

The French Riviera (3 Month Membership)

(1) Treatment: $70/Monthly
(2) Treatment: $130/Monthly
(3) Treatment: $180/Monthly

Pricing for Aromatherapy Oxygen as A non member is $2 a minute

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