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At SanteMD, our massage therapist, Kristin, customizes each full 60, 90, or 120 minute massage to the individual needs and goals of each client.  You will find with her therapeutic intuitive touch, she uses a combination of deep relaxing Swedish strokes, with variable pressure and skill that will help melt tight muscles. Our breast comfort table will allow clients to be as comfortable as possible by avoiding pain to breast tissue or possible damage of implants while receiving body work.  Aroma and heat therapy are incorporated into each massage and clients can enhance their experience with hot stones or CBD massage cream. 

Kristin Heaston-Bell. US Olympian 2004, 2008. Licensed Massage Therapist. GA # - MT011204

Kristin became a massage therapist in 2010 after completing her training at National Holistic Institute in San Jose, CA. Her passion for massage therapy began while training to qualify for her first Olympic Games as a shot putter, while simultaneously working full-time as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Stanford University.  It was during her own two hour weekly massages where she realized not just the physical, but mental, emotional and healing benefits massage brought to her overall well being.  

She retired from international completion at 36 years old, after competing on two US Olympic teams(’04 Athens, ’08 Beijing), six World Championship, and two Pan American teams.  It was at the completion of her athletic career that she realized she wanted to make it her life’s work to give to others what had been so enriching in her life thus far.

Massage Experiences

60 minute - $125

Calm mind. Lower Stress. Reduce tightness. Soften knots. Relieve Pain. Greater Mobility. Increased flexibility. Desired pressure. Deep relaxation.

90 minute - $175

Rescued from tightness. Relieved from pain. Deep, targeted pressure and trigger point work softens knots
and helps grant relief from everyday aches and pains.

120 minute - $225

Greater mobility. Increased
flexibility. Help promote muscle repair and improve range of motion with deep, assisted stretching and
soft-tissue therapy.


Hot Stones – $30

CBD Massage Cream – $30 


Adjustable Body Comfort System Table

The ABC System is the only design that allows therapist to discretely customize the comfort level via a powered system without disturbing the client. They ABC System works especially well for client with breast sensitivity due to size, augmentation, mastectomy, or post-surgical tenderness.  

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