In-Body Machine
(Advanced Analysis)

Our team of medical professionals will use the In-Body 570 body composition analyzer to do a body composition analysis.  This will measure fat, muscle, and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values.  This is important to help understand a patient’s fluid distribution in a medical, wellness, or fitness context. Once our team receives the results we will sit down and create a plan together.


– Gives you accurate values and numbers.

– Gives you motivation and a focus point.

– Easy and non-invasive body tests

– Beneficial for individuals who want to lose weight, track their progress and ensure fat loss and not muscle.

– Visceral fat is the most dangerous kind of fat, it is fat that forms around organs and makes a toxic soup in your abdomen. The test can tell us your visceral fat rating and whether is it in a healthy range.

– For patients with concerns about their bone mass, we can also monitor bone mass.

– Gives us an idea of fat distribution throughout the body. Which can give us some insight into possible hormonal imbalances.

– Test metabolic rate before exertion or exercise to see how much energy you are burning, which gives us some insight into your overall metabolism.

– Reveals hydration levels and whether patients are consuming enough water.

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