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Hormone Replacement

Sante MD is proud to offer natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy allows patients to replace hormones that decline in both men and women throughout the course of their lives.

Is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for me?

Santé MD offers customizable hormone replacement therapy to fit the needs of our patients. Patient symptoms have resolved as quickly as two to four weeks. Full replacement can be achieved in as little as six months. Santé MD Hormone Replacement Therapy Programs are designed to provide extensive treatment to meet and resolve each patient’s specific issues and concerns.

Common Conditions

Hormone levels begin dropping in men and woman as they being to age.  A deficiency of one hormone can appear as a relative excess of another, resulting in hormone imbalance.
Patients with hormone imbalances are often unable to lose weight as desired. Men and women alike suffer from immovable belly fat they never had before as their testosterone, DHEA levels, progesterone and/or estrogen levels decline around age 40. It is important to know that weight gain caused by hormone imbalances can occur at any age, and Santé MD has the treatments to fix it.
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The Program

1. Comprehensive Evaluation

Comprehensive Examination to determine and qualify a patient for HCG or Phentermine prescriptions based on BMI

2. Hormone Lab Test

Necessary Lab profiles that assure specific body compositions

3. Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing for avoidance of foods that could hinder your weight loss progress and cause inflammation.

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4. Weight Loss Evaluation w/ Fit 3D

3D BMI analysis by Fit 3D to assist our providers in customization of your weight loss program.

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5. Part 1: Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy and Customized medical grade Vitamins to replenish any loss of nutrients and support your healthy lifestyle change.

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5. Part 2: Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen treatment to improve memory, increase productivity, alleviate stress, decrease muscle pain and boost energy levels.

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6. Neutraceuticals

Santé MD creates and formulates exclusive nutraceutical supplements to address many of the issues we treat. Our supplements assist with hormone imbalances, weight loss, pain management, sexual dysfunctions and more.

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