Food Sensitivity Testing

Obesity contributes to food allergies leading to systemic inflammation.  Here at Sante MD we want to provide the best education on food sensitivity testing and how it can affect your daily eating habits and your overall diet.  This test gives our team of professionals a tool to manage conditions linked to inflammation and chronic activation of the immune system. The test will measure your individual responses to foods and many other substances at the cellular level.  It may also reveal underlying triggers of certain symptoms. 

Often food and chemical sensitivities can be linked to migraines, aching joints, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, and other symptoms possibly related to chronic activation in the immune system.  Clinical assessments are used to guide dietary modification to show significant improvement in many common symptoms.  The overall efficacy of the food sensitivity test has been documented in numerous studies.  Let Sante MD help you find out if you have some sensitivity to foods and how it may be affecting your body.


– Educated Health Decisions

– Improved Anxiety

– Weight Loss

– Improved Skin Complexion

– Eliminate Foods Causing Issues

– Achieve Optimal Gut Health

– Total-Body Wellness

– Improved Energy

– And Many More…

Common Conditions

– Weight Loss

– Sinusitis

– Muscular Aches

– Joint Stiffness

– Fatigue

– Constipation

– Eczema

– Anxiety

– Digestive Distress (Burping, Gas and Cramps)

– Insomnia

– And Many More…

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