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Weight Loss Consultation
& Fit 3d Analysis

Our Medical Weight Loss Doctors utilize the
State-of-the-Art Fit3D Body Scan to provide
an extremely detailed Analysis. Then customize
your weight loss plan specific to your body
composition and personal goals.

Visualize a Healthier you

• 3D Imaging technology

• Accurate girth, and volume measurements

• All date available to you online

• Show your friends how your body can change

• It’s the most accurate way to take external body measurements and track your fitness or weight loss progress

3d images and Body Composition

Full 360 degree image and hundreds of measurements from 35 second scan.

Posture & weight scale

Automated posture, total body weight, and balance

Powerful Cloud Reporting

Users and coaches access scans, data and comparisons
in a secure cloud application.

Track posture and balance

With our new computer driven workforce, our posture consistently suffers and therefore causes pain, discomfort, and other problems. With Fit3D’s posture application, you can track your posture automatically over time.

Muscular Definition

While more than 70% of club members state weight loss as their primary goal, there becomes a point where muscular definition is their primary goal. Fit3D is a fantastic tool to track your progress.

Track Weight Loss

Many clients #1 goal is weight loss, however, training and proper nutrition often result in weight stabilization as the body becomes more lean. Utilize Fit3D to focus on the changes in body shape that you’re going through and watch your persistent motivation increase.


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