Eyebrow Microblading

Here at Santé MD we refer to our eyebrow microblading as a type of eyebrow architecture. It is all about creating the best shape for each face.  Think of microblading as a tattoo, but not as deep. Our brow artist uses a pen-like tools with seven to 16 (or more) micro-needles in various configurations. Microneedles are so tiny that they can’t be seen in detail by the naked eye, so they can realistically mimic brow hairs by creating thin strokes. The brow artist may also use a shading technique that involves depositing ink manually into the skin.  Let our team of professional aestheticians make restore your brows thickness and youth today.

The Process:


You must avoid Botox, fillers, facial peels, laser treatments and sunburns. It must be a month after ceasing chemotherapy or the use of cytotoxic antineoplastic agents.


To reduce swelling and possible bruising: No aspirin, ibuprofen, NSAIDs, blood thinners/ anticoagulants, Vitamin E, fish oil, acne medication or medication with tretinoin, hormone supplementation, corticosteroids, antibiotics or anabolic steroids. (Tylenol is OK)

No waxing or plucking.


– No alcohol, drugs or smoking.

– No caffeine the day of the procedure


At Santé MD we encourage you to follow these instructions as activities can negatively affect the condition of the skin, which can lead to color loss and difficult healing, as they may increase blood pressure and cause dehydration and sensitivity.

– Get a good night of sleep and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Note: If you are Diabetic, you must have you HBA1C in good range, and have a note from a doctor to verify.


The following list of conditions and/or situations are contraindicated for microblading and will determine whether or not you are a candidate:

– Eczema (in the eyebrow area)

– Psoriasis (in the eyebrow area)

– Keratosis Pilaris (in the eyebrow area)

– Dermatitis (itchy and flaky skin in the eyebrow area)

– Moles/Bumps/Piercings, Raised Skin (in eyebrow area)

– Trichotillomania (in eyebrow area)

– Botox (must wait 3 weeks following Botox if in brow area)

– Sunburn/Suntan (in brow area – must wait until skin returns to normal color)

– Vacationing (make sure to plan your vacation at least two weeks following your microbladed eyebrows so that they have time to heal before “fun in the sun”)

– Blood Thinners (microblading will create excessive bleeding)

– Heart Conditions (oftentimes taking blood thinners)

– Hemophilia (excessive bleeding if microbladed)

– Pregnant (Absolutely not!)

– Breast-feeding (Absolutely not!)

– Rosacea (skin too sensitive and will not hold color)

– Sensitive Skin (skin too sensitive will not hold color)

– Chronic Acne/Excessively Oily Skin (hair strokes will blur together)

– Large Pores (in eyebrow area will cause hair strokes to blur together)

– Deep Wrinkles (the result will appear uneven)

– Natural Redhead (skin is too sensitive and will not hold color)

– Thin-Skinned (skin to fragile and hypersensitive)

– Previous Permanent Eyebrows (microblading will not implant properly)

– Accutane (severe acne medication creates tissue-thin skin – must wait an entire year following Accutane usage to regain skin integrity)

– Retin-A (creates very thin skin and must wait one year following usage of this product)

– Retinol/Vitamin A (discontinue the use of these products on forehead/brow area for at least 30 days prior to microblading procedure)

– Autoimmune Diseases (such as Lupus, Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia – skin health is too compromised for microblading)


At Santé MD, just like you, we only want the best possible results for your eyebrows.  Which is why it’s important for you to review the above list and help to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for microblading.  Your age, your type of skin, your sensitivity and the quality of your skin all comes into the equation when pre-determining the safety and effectiveness of microblading. 


– Reduce the time it takes to get ready
– Give hair loss a secondary natural look
– Does not smudge or smear off
– Sessions only take an hour and a half
– Virtually painless
– Pigments does not change color
– It’s very safe
– Last 1-3 years
– And many more…

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