SanteMD Blog: The Amazing HydraFacial

SanteMD Blog: The Amazing HydraFacial

The Amazing HydraFacial

For hundreds of years, men and women have been incorporating facials into their skincare routine to obtain a flawless, youthful complexion. When hearing the word “facial,” one typically thinks of the average cleaning, steaming and mask treatment. For a long time, this was the only option that we had available to us, but that is no longer the case! HydraFacial has revolutionized facials, and is giving men and woman worldwide the rejuvenated, glowing skin they have always wanted.


How does HydraFacial work?

Step 1. Cleanse and Exfoliate – Using a deplaning tool, all of the dead skin cells and other impurities will be swept off of the skin. This first step is vital, as it will open up the pores and make the surface of the skin fresh and clean.

Step 2. Glycolic Peel – While most acid peels create a burning sensation when applied to the skin, this specially formulated peel will not cause this. This non-irritating acid peel loosens any clogged pores so that impurities can be easily removed.


Step 3. Extraction – Using special suction technology, pores are sucked clean of impurities. This technology is unlike any other in that it gives the very skin a very deep, thorough cleaning in the pores. It is painless and very effective.


Step 4. Serum Application – The final step involves the use of a vortex-fusion tool. This infused collagen-rich antioxidant serum deep into the skin, promoting hydration and elasticity.


What does HydraFacial do?

HydraFacial is proven to show results immediately and continues to improve skin quality in the days following the 30-minute treatment. Not only does HydraFacial technology give the skin a glowing, fresher look, but it also reduces wrinkles, sun damage, oily skin, redness, and acne. This treatment is all the rage, and the results speak for themselves.


How do I book my HydraFacial?

To experience the many benefits HydraFacial has to offer, please visit or call Santé MD at (404) 255-9000.

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