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Sante MD is proud to use Skintestor OMNI to perform allergy tests. A quick and efficient multi-site test, OMNI will allow our team to test 10 sites per applicator, allowing for more results in less time. Our team of medical professionals have unrivaled allergy immunotherapy experience and expertise.

Sante MD has a broad portfolio of testing extracts, which allows our team to test for a wide range of allergies. Call Sante MD today top schedule a skin test diagnosis and discover treatments designed to meet your needs. 

Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy lmmunotherapy changes how your immune system responds to allergic triggers, leading to long-term tolerance and a greatly educed need for symptom relieving medication.’ When administered over time at an appropriate dose, it is the only treatment that has the potential to eliminate your symptoms for life.

Allergies occur when the immune system overreacts to harmless substances like pollen, molds and dander. Repeated exposure to allergens will lead to inflammation, which can cause both immediate symptoms as well as chronic problems.


• Precise Method
• Individual Treatment Plan
• No More Guessing
• Eliminate Suspected Allergens
• Educate Yourself
• Learn About Lifestyle Changes
• Healthier Eating Habits
• Controlled Environment if needed
• Save Your Life
• And Many More…

The Process

Get Tested

Tell your SanteMD provider about your allergy symptoms and any possible allergen exposures. They will determine whether a skin test can help identify the allergens that may be causing your problems.
Skin testing is a painless process that applies allergens to your skin and provides results in about 15 minutes. have a muscular problem or a nerve problem.

Get Treated

Allergy lmmunotherapy can be administered as traditional allergy shots or as sublingual allergy drops. Both options require a build-up phase that starts at a safe starting concentration of allergen. The goal is to reach the maintenance phase of treatment where a therapeutic dose for each allergen is achieved.

Get Better

The recommended duration for treatment is 3 to 5 years for both shots and drops, though many people report feeling better much sooner. For certain allergens, you may notice an improvement in your symptoms shortly after starting treatment. The key is to stick with your treatment schedule even if you feel better, since re-educating the immune system takes time.

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