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Who We Are:

SanteMD is the premiere go-to destination for ultimate health and wellness. We chose the name Sante, derived from the French word for “Health,” because it emphasizes the importance of celebrating a balanced and beautiful lifestyle. We bring to Atlanta the best non-surgical and surgical beauty and health solutions in a warm and luxurious environment. Our unparalleled team of industry-leading medical professionals take a collective approach in providing an array of comprehensive treatments and procedures.  With each consultation, our clients are given a thorough, insightful, no-obligation look at what treatments they would most benefit from and the results to be expected.  Our client’s outcomes are nothing short of phenomenal due to our expert staff always staying ahead of the health and beauty curve through continued education, training and research as well as our equipment and facility being state-of-the-art. 

Our Pledge:

Our pledge to you is simple, to provide superior medical aesthetic and cosmetic services in the safest, most effective and natural way possible. We accomplish this by a personal clinician-client relationship, allowing for the creation of individualized, evolving treatment plans to meet each client’s particular needs. Our staff provides timely and essential support every step of the way. Your satisfaction gives us our peace of mind.   The health culture is ever-evolving, and the science and technology of our industry advances daily. With that in mind, The Sante team prides its reputation on always advancing their skill-sets through ongoing education and training to ensure exceptional care and consistent transformative results.  

Our Values:

First and foremost is safety and compliance.  The safety, comfort and confidentiality of our clients is our top priority. We follow HIPPA regulations to protect your right to privacy and we always aim to be conscientious of your needs. 

Checks and balances isn’t only for the four branches of government. Adhering to our high ethical and medical standards, our facility remains steadfast in following state rules and regulations. 

Compliance with protocols, advanced training, and ongoing evaluations of our methods, along with the upkeep and maintenance of our equipment to the cleanliness of our facility, demonstrates our dedication and commitment to not only your safety but to your overall experience at Sante. 

We value transparency. Honestly, is number one in our approach to care and therefore we always initiate and welcome an open dialogue with our clients to ensure their confidence in our care and belief we have their best interest in mind.  Intently listening and hearing our client’s desires, needs and concerns is an integral part of acquiring our clients trust and respect.   

Our commitment is to a healthier, happier you.  Period. 

State-of-the-Art Wellness Center

The latest in wellness, health and beauty can only be found at Santé MD, Atlanta’s new state-of-the-art luxury wellness center. Derived from the French word for ‘health’, Santé MD bridges the gap between health and beauty ensuring patients feel as good as they look. Sante MD is the first of its kind medical grade aesthetic spa, offering a full range of services from our team of unmatched medical professionals. We offer the most effective and innovative treatments to bring out the best In you. Sante MD, Where Healthy Is Beautiful.

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